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Dacoco EntwickeltDAOs

Dezentralisierte Organisationen,Technische Kompetenz,Worker Proposals ,dezentralisierte Workflow-Systeme‚Äč,Organisations design,Smart Contracts Zertifizierung

Dacoco GmbH builds distributed and decentralised organisations through:

Consultancy with respect to organisational design, worker proposals and decentralised workflow systems that work

Procurement of appropriate infrastructure and outsourced technical work

Dacoco Gmbh is a project founded out of the experience gained by establishing eosDAC, one of the largest DACs by market capitalisation and membership, and one of the most established DACs in the ecosystem. In 2020 the team conceived of and developed Alien Worlds, the first project to put DACs into competition with each other within a single economy.

Technical advisory services with respect to security, smart contracts development and certification

Tailored support

Our Projects


We are the team that conceptualised and launched eosDAC, the viral 2018 airdrop and tokenised DAC block producer.


We advised the Preparatory Committee of the government of Liberland on technical and community considerations around the formation of their governmental structures on chain. This included advisory and development of technical specifications around establishing a native DAC domiciliation and registry service.

Alien Worlds

Dacoco publishes Alien Worlds, a digital item metaverse set in faraway space, in which users play to earn. Digital assets are user-owned, capable of being sent off-platform, unique and rare. All Planets are constituted out-of-the-box as a tokenised DAC.

DAO considerations

We guide you through the levers you can pull to set your DAC off in the right direction for your community and your project.



Details: Dacoco GmbH, Firmennummer CHE-273.567.048

Kontakt: [email protected]

Standort: Dammstrasse 16, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

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