Dacoco builds DACs

Dacoco GmbH builds distributed and decentralised organisations through:

Dacoco Gmbh is a project founded out of the experience gained by establishing eosDAC, the only block producer on the EOS blockchain organised as a DAC and one of the most established DACs in the ecosystem. Dacoco assist both eosDAC and other groups by providing key services.

Details: Dacoco Gmbh, Company number CHE-273.567.048

Location: c/o Abafin Treuhand AG, Baarerstrasse 82, 6302 Zug.

Contact: rob@dacoco.io or saro@dacoco.io or michael@dacoco.io

Our Projects


We are the team that conceptualised and launched eosDAC and have led the development of DAC software on the EOSIO blockchains.

Alien Worlds

We have launched Alien Worlds, a digital item metaverse set in faraway, in which users play to earn. Digital assets are user-owned, capable of being sent off-platform, unique and rare. All Planets are constituted out-of-the-box as a tokenised DAC. This powerful feature allows any project to create an EOSIO token on WAX.

EOS Alliance Foundation

We executed the blockchain design and implementation for the EOS Alliance in its aspiration to be constituted as a DAC.


We are advising the Preparatory Committee of Liberland on its implementation of its prospective government on the blockchain, including with respect to company formation as DACs.

DAC considerations

We guide you through the levers you can pull to set your DAC off in the right direction for your community and your project.

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